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Sketchbook Assignment

Week 7

                  Don't forget The Rules! For more information on what will be accepted in your sketchbook, click here.
         Drawing 1, A Texture or Object          For 10 minutes, draw three elbow or knees, showing the wrinkles of cloth.. We're looking for three cloth covered bent tubes. Some hints...
  • At knees and elbows the cloth has two things going on. The cloth is stretched tight over the points of the knee and elbow, and then flares out into softer folds. The lines that mark the fold start AFTER the area where the cloth is stretched tight. Give it a little space and that space will define the joint under the cloth.
  • Watch your light source and make sure your shadows on both the leg/arm and the folds of the cloth are away from the direction of the light.
  • The further away the fold is from the area of the most pressure, the wider it flares out and the softer the fold.

    Drawing clothes, scroll way down to find the action figure where you can look at the knees and elbows.

    More folds.

             Drawing 2, A Living Thing         

    For 10 minutes, draw a right and left bare foot. Double the fun! Some hints...

  • On most humans (I hesitate to say "all" because I've never seen your feet), the big toe is bigger and points in the direction of travel. It also lines up to the inside of the body, not the outside.
  • I can't tell you how many walks I've seen where there are two right or left feet.
  •          A Tutorial About Drawing Feet
             Drawing 3, Free Draw          For 10 minutes, draw a character of your choice.         

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