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Sketchbook Assignment

Week 3

                  Don't forget The Rules! For more information on what will be accepted in your sketchbook, click here.
         Drawing 1, A Texture or Object          For 10 minutes, draw a house plant. Some hints...
  • Look at the overall shape of plant and very lightly and quickly sketch that in. Is it a triangle, a circle, or a squarish shape?
  • Layer your leaves. Some will be in front of the others. Lightly draw in a few big, lighter colour leaves in first.
  • Now, working a bit darker, draw in some leaves that will peek out behind the big foliage. Start shading in some of the shadows.
  • Stems and pot are last. If you draw the pot first, then you can't overlap your foliage over it.
  •          Plant Drawing Tutorial
             Drawing 2, A Living Thing         

    For 10 minutes, a the face of someone who just ate the something disgusting. Your challenge is to show the expression so that people understand what is going on WITHOUT seeing what they ate!

    Part of being a great animator is learning how to be a great actor and learn how to communicate using facial expressions and body language.

             A Tutorial About Drawing Facial Expressions.
             Drawing 3, Free Draw          For 10 minutes, draw a character of your choice.         

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