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Sketchbook Assignment

Week 15

                  Don't forget The Rules! For more information on what will be accepted in your sketchbook, click here.
         Drawing 1, A Texture or Object         

For 10 minutes, draw three eggs.. The skills you are practicing here are smooth shading, observation and shadows. Every shadow has an umbra and a penumbra, and the eggs have soft specular highlights. Some hints...

  • Overlapping the eggs is more interesting and actually easier to draw. Composition (the arrangement of the objects on a screen or page) works best in odd numbers and is more interesting in triangular arrangements.
  • To draw a smooth ellipse or circle, raise your hand off the page and use your entire arm. Some people call this "drawing from the shoulder". When people draw gripping their pencil as if they are going to write a word, the circles always come out cramped and uneven. Artists keep their arm loose and slightly raised up from the paper and move the entire arm.


    Shading and Shadows Tutorial Video. And yes, this video had more about shadows than you think any sane person needs to know...BUT, if you want to work in animation, video game design or movie special effects it's vital you know everything there is to know about shadows, highlights and light sources. The is the area of "lighting models" and if you learn it know, life will be much easier for you later.
             Drawing 2, A Living Thing         

    For 10 minutes, sketch a hand holding a sword handle or a glass. See, it's all coming together! Hands hold things! Some hints...

  • Flatten out the fingers just a bit to look like they are really pressing against the object.
  • Try to block in some shading. Look at the shape of the shadows if you're drawing from life (always the best) or from a photograph.
  • Try to give a hint of shine to the object and show a bit of the hand and fingers reflecting into it.
  • Notice that when the hand goes completely around an object (like a sword handle) the thumb reaches across the first two fingers or less. If you show it reaching further, the object is very skinny and has no mass.

    Lesson on Drawing a Hand Holding a Sword

    Tutorial Video of Drawing a Hand Holding a Glass

             Drawing 3, Free Draw          For 10 minutes, draw a character of your choice.         

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