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Sketchbook Assignment

Week 13

                  Don't forget The Rules! For more information on what will be accepted in your sketchbook, click here.
         Drawing 1, A Texture or Object          For 10 minutes, draw water drops.. Again, you're looking at the shading and the reflections. You'll use the skills you learn drawing water drops when you draw tears, blood, reflections in eyes, rain and condensation. Some hints...
  • Drops aren't perfectly round, but oval. They won't sit flat on the surface but curl up a bit on the edges, holding their elliptical shape.
  • There is usually a white line between the bottom of the drop and the surface it's sitting one, representing a reflective highlight.
  • Don't forget your hard, specular highlights!

    Water Drop

    Anatomy of a Water Drop

    Video Tutorial Drawing a Water Drop, with an explanation of WHY you draw some areas light and others dark.

    Or you Video Tutorial Drawing Water Drops

             Drawing 2, A Living Thing         

    For 10 minutes, sketch out 2 hands, from the side. Remember, even though you are looking at the hands from a different view, the proportions you've learnt are the same. A hint...

  • For animation and cartooning, to get the best effect in hands, exaggerate the corners of the joints just a bit. Make them a bit more square and pointy, as opposed to rounded. This will give your character a bit more edge and keep the places that bend (like knees or finger joints) from looking too much like bendy hot dogs or garden hoses. You want it to look like there's a bone inside the muscle.



             Drawing 3, Free Draw          For 10 minutes, draw a character of your choice.         

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