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Sketchbook Assignment

Week 1

                  Don't forget The Rules! For more information on what will be accepted in your sketchbook, click here.
         Drawing 1, A Texture or Object          For 10 minutes, draw grass. Have some grass in detail in the foreground and see if you can make it look like there is some depth as it goes in the distance. Is grass always upright, like a crewcut? or does it flop over, like bangs or a fringe? Is it all the same value?          Grass Tutorial
         Drawing 2, A Living Thing         

For 10 minutes, draw two human heads using a grid (most famously, by illustrator Andrew Loomis), one from the front and one from profile. Don't worry about shading, you are going for the correct proportions. In a different colour pencil, draw the grids first, and then your face in regular graphite pencil.

Why is the Loomis method good to learn? Because it teaches you to draw a human in perspective and in the round. As we animate, we need to learn to draw the SAME figure as it moves in space and to keep it in perspecive. Once you see the head (and later, the body) as a grid or skeleton, this becomes much, much easier.


Head Proportions Tutorial

Video Tutorial

         Drawing 3, Free Draw          For 10 minutes, draw a character of your choice.         

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