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         Jan. 30         


         Jan. 31         


Save your files!

Make a copy of your working files by creating a duplicate file and stashing it where it will be safe, preferably on the cloud or somewhere OFF this computer. Always keep a duplicate just in case your file crashes or corrupts. Wise people do this daily and if they do have a crash or corruption, they've only lost a day's work.

         Feb. 1         


         Feb. 2         



At this point you should be finishing up your animation and preparing for final opening and closing credits. Don't put off a test final rendering until the last minute, just in case something goes wrong.

         Feb. 3         


Assign Vocab. #3 AND #4 summative grade test on Friday, Feb. 17.

Sketchbook Home is here and the Assignment 17 is here. It is due Friday, Feb. 17.

We will be skipping next week because it's a short week and the test and sketchbooks will be due the following week.


Vocab #1 and #2 Test Today

Turn in Sketchbooks with
Assignment #16 today.

The entire Music Video Assignment is due Friday, Feb. 10.

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