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         Jan. 16         


         Jan. 17         


Save your files!

Make a copy of your working files by creating a duplicate file and stashing it where it will be safe, preferably on the cloud or somewhere OFF this computer. Always keep a duplicate just in case your file crashes or corrupts. Wise people do this daily and if they do have a crash or corruption, they've only lost a day's work.

         Jan. 18         


         Jan. 19         



Be prepared to show your work today. You should be at least halfway through the assignment.

         Jan. 20         


Assign Vocab. #15 summative grade test on Friday, Jan. 28

Sketchbook Home is here and the Assignment 15 is here. It is due Friday, Jan. 28.


Vocab #8 and #9 Test Today

Turn in Sketchbooks with
Assignment #14 today.

The entire Music Video Assignment is due Friday, Feb. 10.

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