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         Oct. 10         


  • Walks, the #1 skill that all animators practice over and over and over.
  • Types of walks, displaying mood, sex, age and personality in a walk
  • The physics of walking, center of gravity and weight.
  • A walk is a controlled falling forward.
  • Walks tell you the age, sex, size and weight of the figure.
  • Edweard Muybridge and the history of analyzing motion. Muybridges work is still used by animators today.
  • Another Muybridge site

             Oct. 11         
  • Preston Blair Walks and the Walk Cycle
  • Side view of walks
  • Side view of four-legged animal walks
  • Front View of walks
  • Flash Lesson

  • Rotoscoping
  • Chop down/edit a Preston Blair walk, save it as a .jpg, import to Flash and use it as a tracing layer or template. Note that Blair's templates are HALF of the walk cycle. How can you tell that by looking at his drawings?
  • Create a stick figure that walks in place
  • Create a stick figure that walks across the screen

             Oct. 12         

    Flash lessons

  • Practice another walk cycle. This time, create a loop by matching the first and the last step.

             Oct. 13         

    Flash lessons

    Keep practicing your walk and finish up your your stick figure walks. If you have already done that, then start a new layer and draw a complete figure on top, using the stick figure as a skeleton. Where can you add squash and stretch? Can you make the clothes bounce a bit with the walk?

  • The parts (clothes, hair, feathers, anything that's dangling that hang from a body LAG as you go through the walk cycle. What I mean by this is if the body is at the top of the step, where it's stretched to it's highest point, the clothes are drawn pulled down. They haven't caught up with the motion of the body underneath and gravity is always pulling them back. When the body is short and at it's lowest point, the clothes are still up in the air, and haven't followed the body down. In other words, the stuff that hangs on an object will always be chasing the main object's motion and will be a few frames late, whether up or down or side to side.

             Oct. 14

    Early Out, End of First 9 Weeks Grade Period.

    Assign Vocab. #7 summative grade test on Friday, Oct. 21

    Sketchbook Home is here and the Assignment 7 is here. It is due Friday, Oct. 21.


    Animated Logo Due Today

    NO Sketchbooks or Test Today

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