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         Oct. 3         

Flash lessons

  • Motion Tweens
  • The Motion Editor
  • Easing in and Easing out (Slow in, Slow out)
  • The animation physics of motion- weight, distance, velocity, acceleration, time and speed
  • Be careful as you use the motion editor and classic tweens to describe a motion. The computer tends to be mechanical and flat and that's because the computer will smooth out a motion by adding in too many frames. You use your animator's eye to tweak the your drawings/symbols ease to create that snap that makes a drawing come to life.
  • Work on Animated Logo


    Kenzo World Ad

    Watch this ad by Spike Jonez and after you do, watch it again and notice these things...

    • What in the voice of the speaker gives you a clue he's boring the girl? Everyone looks like they're having a good time, what is in the body language of the girl and the audience that is different? When we analyze acting, we can put those characteristics in our animations because animating a character is more than just making him's creating an actor.
    • The girl walks into an empty hall. Do you hear the first step of her heels on the floor? Notice we only hear a couple steps and then we never do again. Why? That had to be added in post production. Why did Jonez add the sound in then and then take it away?
    • Notice the energy rhythm of the ad. We have slow periods and fast periods. Does the ad's rhythm build up...or does it slow down? Why do you think Jonez made those choices?
    • As she dances, each sequence goes more and more into fantasy. Why? How does that sell perfume?
    • Jonez repeats motifs such as interacting with the mirror. Can you find other motifs (actions, visuals, sounds) that repeat?
    • Look at the dance move right in front of where she enters the stage. The move is an old vaudeville step, she dances out of the frame and then we directly cut into an old dancehall, that is totally different from the modern event center. This dance transistion is called "foreshadowing". Why did Jonez do that? What if he didn't?
    • And lastly, we're starting to analyze movement. What dance moves are real and what have been exaggerated in post production SFX? Look at the girl's center of balance as she goes through a dance action. This is a good time to use the YouTube video to stop and start (called scrubbing) as you analyze the action frame by frame. Could you use some of her actions in a fight sequence? In a comedy sequence?

             Oct. 4         

    Flash lessons

  • Onionskin
  • Onionskin outlines
  • Edit Multiple Frames
  • Drawing with Object boxes
  • The difference between a symbol and and object box

    Drawing objects are separate graphic objects that do not automatically merge together when overlaid. This lets you overlap shapes without altering their appearance if you move them apart, or rearrange their appearance. Animate creates each shape as a separate object that you can individually manipulate. When a drawing tool is in Object Drawing mode, the shapes you create with it are self-contained. The stroke and fill of a shape are not separate elements, and shapes that overlap do not alter one another. When you select a shape created using Object Drawing mode, Animate surrounds the shape with a rectangular bounding box to identify it.- (Adobe website)

  • Drawing a stick figure and distributing the body parts to layers using object boxes or symbols
  • Work on Animated Logo

             Oct. 5         

    Early Out

    Work on Animated Logo

             Oct. 6         

    Work on Animated Logo

             Oct. 7         

    Work on Animated Logo

    Animated Logo due in the class dropbox today

    Assign Vocab. #7 summative grade test on Friday, Oct. 21

    Sketchbook Home is here and the Assignment 7 is here. It is due Friday, Oct. 21.


    Vocab #6 Test Today

    Turn in Sketchbooks with
    Assignment #6 today.
    Animated Logo due today.

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