AnimationTaco Logo Animation 1          First Semester
         ← Sep. 19 to Sep. 23 Oct. 3 to Oct. 7 →

         Sep. 26  

Flash lessons

  • Shape Tweens (review)
  • Breaking apart type until it's a bitmap and then using shape tweens to morph the type
  • Modify →Shape → (variety of options)
  • Add Shape Hints (Modify →Shape →Add Shape Hints/Remove Shape Hints)

             Sep. 27         

    Flash lessons

  • Transform Options
  • Modify → Transform → Free Transform Distort/Envelope/Scale/Rotate and Skew/Rotate and Scale/
    rotate 90 CW/CCW/Flip Vertical/Flip Horizontal
  • Undo (Apple+Z)
  • Redo (Apple+Y)
  • Basic Perspective, 1 point, 2 point perspective
  • Hints for drawing buidings, doors, etc.
  • Creating an animated door that opens with a Classic Motion Tween
  • Putting type on a skewed wall
  • Creating windows

             Sep. 28         

    Practical Exercise #2, Creating an animated logo. Due Friday, Oct. 7

    Your job in this exercise will be to create a logo for your animation production company. It will be animated, readable and have your name in it.

  • The animation will start with a two second blank page and the logo will fade in, wipe in, or enter in some way.
  • The logo will be on-screen for 5 seconds and in that five seconds it must move and then pause, so it can be read.
  • The logo will then leave the screen by either fading out, wiping out, flying out or leave in a controlled way.
  • The logo will be turned in to the teacher's commons box with the correct file name and as a .mov file
  • It is not necessary to turn this project in as a .mov file
  • The project name is LOGO.
  • Rubric for the Animated Logo Project

  • Does the logo enter the screen in an interesting way? (10pts)
  • Does the logo move? (10pts)
  • Does the logo pause long enough for the audience to read it? (10pts)
  • Does the timing follow the instructions? (20pts)
  • Is the Logo understandable and readable? (20pts)
  • Is the quality of the drawing/rendering high? (20pts)
  • Was the project turned in with the correct file name and as a .mov file? (10pts)
  • Extra credit for including a sound. (5 pts)

             Sep. 29          Animated Logo Workday
             Sep. 30          Animated Logo Workday

    Vocab #5 Test Today

    Turn in Sketchbooks with
    Assignment #5 today.

    Turn in Move Project today.


    Assign Vocab. #6 summative grade test on Friday, Oct. 7.

    Sketchbook Home is here and the Assignment 6 is here. It is due Friday, Oct. 7.


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