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         Sep. 19         

Flash lessons

  • How to create a glowing effect using gradients and controlling Alpha on the edge of the gradient.
  • Changing the background color in the Properities box and in the Timeline
  • Color Theory, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors
  • Complementary colors, when to use them
  • Analagous colors, when to use them
  • Using color to create mood and contribute to the story
  • Color Blindess, Color Blindness Test
  • Color problems on webpages, game design, computer monitors.

             Sep. 20         

    Flash lessons

  • The Type Tool
  • The Type Properties Box
  • Typing and word processing tools
  • Adding Fonts to Flash from the internet, see for typeface sites.
  • Dangers, cautions and things to know about downloading type fonts


    What is Kinetic Type or Type as animations? Look here.

    And one for Mrs. Wilde.

    Watch the timing of the motions and the words. How does the speed of the fades, jumps, and transitions emphasise the tone and intent of the poetry or script?

    This one was drawn, written and animated by one man. It won 'Best Motion Graphics' prize in the British Animation Awards 2014..

             Sep. 21         
  • Object Boxes
  • Making Type move
  • Breaking apart type (Modify → Break Apart), breaking apart to individual letters and to pixels
  • Distributing to Layers (Modify →Timeline →Distribute to Layers)
  • Some ways to animate type

             Sep. 22         

    Flash lessons

  • Review on yesterday's Type lesson
  • More ways to animate type (typewriter style, making the type look like it's drawing itself)
  • Transitions, fade to black, fade to white, cross-fade transition with type
  • Changing color in type with a Classic Motion Tween

             Sep. 23         

    Flash lessons

  • Shape Tweens
  • Rasterizing type to be used in a shape tween.
  • Make sure your shapes are simple and keep the colors very, very simple. The more complicated the shape, the more likely it won't morph smoothly.
  • Shape hints
  • Hint...make sure you are consistant with your drawing direction. If you draw from right to left on the first keyframe of the shape tween, make sure you draw in the same direction in the final shape tween.


    Vocab #4 Test Today

    Turn in Sketchbooks with
    Assignment #4 today.

    Turn in Move Project today.


    Assign Vocab. #5 summative grade test on Friday, Sept. 30.

    Sketchbook Home is here and the Assignment 5 is here. It is due Friday, Sept. 30.


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