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         Sep. 12          Reteaching and regrouping day, if needed. If we're on track and don't need reteaching, we'll move on.
         Sep. 13         

Flash lessons

  • Using the Free Transform Tool within a Classic Motion Tween to create Squash and Stretch.
  • Moving the pivot point so the squash and stretch moves the way you want it to.
  • The Pencil Tool
  • Changing the color
  • Pencil Mode (the smoothness of the line)
  • Pencil Properties (Fill and Stroke)
  • Ink Bottle Tool
  • More options on the color palette
  • Swatchs, why we use them.
  • Hexidecimal color codes.
  • RGB color
  • What is Alpha. Alpha is the opacity of a color. What it means to see the grid through a color swatch.
  • Changing the Alpha of a color
  • Removing the fill or stroke by bringing the appropriate color palette Alpha down to 0%

    Click on the table to see it as a larger image.
             Sep. 14         

    Flash lessons

  • Changing the color of a symbol as the symbol goes through a tween.
  • Changing the Alpha of a symbol as it goes through a tween.
  • Changing the brightness of a symbol as it goes through a tween.
  • Layering low alpha Classic Motion tweens to give the effect of smoke, things fading in and out (like ghosts), rain
  • Loops, what is a Loop?
  • Creating a loop.
  • The Lasso Tool

             Sep. 15         

    Flash lessons

  • The Line Tool
  • The Line Tool Properties palette
  • The Rectangle Tool
  • The Rectangle Properties Palette and Options
  • The Rectangle Primative Tool
  • The Rectangle Primative Properties Palette and Options
  • The Oval Tool
  • The Oval Properties Palette and Options
  • The Primative Oval Tool
  • The Primative Oval Properties Palette and Options
  • The Polystar Tool
  • The Polystar Properties Palette and Tool Settings

             Sep. 16         

    Flash lessons

  • Color Palette Gradients, solid, linear, radial
  • Saving a gradient as a swatch
  • Importing bitmaps to use in the Paint Bucket, Spray Brush and Deco Tool
  • Spray Brush Tool
  • Deco Tool


    Vocab #3 Test Today

    Turn in Sketchbooks with
    Assignment #3 today.

    Turn in Move Project today.


    Assign Vocab. #4 summative grade test on Friday, Sept. 23.

    Sketchbook Home is here and Assignment 4 is here. It is due Friday, Sept. 23.


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