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         Sep. 5         

Staff/Student Holiday, No School

         Sep. 6         

Practical Test #1-- Creating an Animation.

  • You will create an animation that shows movement.
  • Set up your file according to the class file conventions. (How to set up a file)
  • Have at least three objects moving in the page.
  • Have a background layer (sky, forest or city) and a foreground layer (trees, fence, cars) and have your objects move in between the foreground and the background. I should see things move behind stationary objects and props.
  • Have opening credits that include a title of animation and your name (by Your Name).
  • Have closing credits with your name, your class, copyright notice and any other information you choose to include.
  • The animation will be a minimum of 10 seconds long.
  • The name of the project is Move. Name your files according to the class file naming convention.
  • Turn in your project to your teacher's Commons Box by Friday, Sept. 9th.
  • Rubric for the Move Project

  • Did you have three objects that moved? (showing that you know how to make a Classic Motion Tween) (12pts)
  • Did you have the objects move behind and in front of stationary elements? (showing you know how to manipulate layer order) (12pts)
  • Did you have opening credits with your Animation title and name? (12pts)
  • Did you have closing credits with your name, class, and copyright? (12pts)
  • Was the animation at least 10 seconds long? (12pts)
  • What was the quality and difficulty of the animation? (16pts)
  • Was the animation file named correctly? (12pts)
  • Was the animation turned in to the teacher's commons folder as a .MOV file? (12pts)
  • Flash lessons

  • The Scene Palette- why we use Scenes. How they work. Adding, deleting, copying and rearranging Scenes.
  • Brush Size, Brush Shape
  • Copy/Paste/Delete on the Stage
  • Using the Erasor, Erasor Size, Faucet Tool
  • Paint Bucket Tool
  • Paint Bucket Properties

             Sep. 8         

    Flash lessons

  • Free Transform Tool
  • Using the Free Transform tool to scale (make things grow or shrink) inside of a tween.
  • Rotating in a Classic Motion Tween
  • Flipping with the Free Transform tool.
  • The pivot point.

    Important! The pivot point is moved here, inside the Free Transform tool. If you made a symbol and want to move the pivot point, then click on the Free Transform, move the point, and then click out. The pivot point determines the axis of rotation for a symbol AND the point where a symbol expands up and down if you transform it. Think of the pivot point as a thumb tack or nail and everything rotates or changes around it.

    If your tween is behaving oddly, check and make sure the pivot points on both the beginning and end of the tween are exactly the same. It's easy to move the pivot point accidentally during a free transform and then have the point in one place in the start keyframe and in another place in the end key frame. Then when the computer builds the tween it attempts to match the two symbols and things start flying off and moving weirdly.

    Use the pivot point as an anchor at the joints when you're making a thing that swings. Example would be to create a symbol of an arm and have the pivot point at the shoulder joint. Then you can have the arm swing naturally. On a door that opens, move the pivot point of the door to the hinges. If you have a squash and stretch like a ball bouncing against a wall, move the pivot point to the bottom of the symbol, where it the ball would meet the wall or floor, then when it deforms, it will deform to that point and not deform evenly around the ball.

  • Worktime for the project

             Sep. 7         

    Worktime for the project

    Flash lessons

  • Publishing and exporting your work as a .mov file.
  • Turning your work in to the teacher's Commons folder.
  • The MOVE project will be turned in as a .mov file. Do NOT turn it in as a .fla file. A .fla file will not be opened and will not be graded.
  • If you need a refresher on exporting a movie, here is quick tutorial. It's for a PC, but the process is the same on an Apple, it's just that the menues look a little different.
  • The Rules, or how to create, turn in and name a file correctly.


    Vocab #2 Test Today

    Turn in Sketchbooks with
    Assignment #2 today.

    Turn in Move Project today.


    Assign Vocab. #3 summative grade test on Friday, Sept. 16.

    Sketchbook Home is here and Assignment 3 is here. It is due Friday, Sept. 16.


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