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         Oct. 24         

Work on Walk Cycle

Some hints...

  • Block out your entire project in Scenes. Lable Scene 1 as "Opening credits", then Scene 2 as "Walk left to right", then the next Scene as "Action", then "Right to left" and finally, "Closing Credits". This will allow you to not have to scroll past (and possibley mess up) work you already have done.
  • Perfect your cycle first using stick figures. Often beginner students get too involved in the details of elaborate characters and then are bogged down with detailed drawing and don't finish the second half of the project and then get a poor grade. Work out your entire walk, action and turn back with simple figures and then use those figures as a skeleton to draw over, by drawing in another layer above your locked practice layer.
  • Work on the Walk Cycle first (right and left), and then the turn, and then the opening and closing credits. The Opening and closing credits can be done very quicky at the end of the projects and you'll know by then everything that needs to go in them.

             Oct. 25         

    Work on Walk Cycle, left to right

    All storyboards and idea sketches should be finished by today.

             Oct. 26         

    Work on Walk Cycle, left to right

             Oct. 27         

    Work on Walk Cycle, left to right

             Oct. 28         

    Work on Walk Cycle, left to right

    Assign Vocab. #9 summative grade test on Friday, Nov. 4

    Sketchbook Home is here and the Assignment 9 is here. It is due Friday, Nov. 4.


    Vocab #8 Test Today

    Turn in Sketchbooks with
    Assignment #8 today.

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