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Computer Lab Hours and Tutoring

The computer lab (room 209) is open-

Monday through Friday, 7:30 (or whenever Mrs. Taylor wanders in) to 8:50.

During lunch

Monday through Thursday, 3:45 to 4:45

If Mrs. Taylor has a meeting that takes her away from the school or if she is absent, Room 209 is closed.

Computers are on a first come, first served basis. You cannot kick someone off because they are on "your" computer. Save your work on a thumbdrive, in your Dropbox or on the school server so you're not tied to a specific machine.

One-on-one tutoring will be available during Lab/Tutoring hours, except for lunch because Mrs. Taylor likes to eat lunch, too. If you set up a one-on-one tutoring appointment and do not cancel your appointment or simply fail to show up for your appointment, then you will lose the privilage of making an appointment in the future and will just have to take your chances with availability.

All students are expected to treat the lab with respect and not act like idiots. Room 209 is my home, so please act as if you're visiting and treat all of the equipment and supplies with respect. If you don't, you'll be banned from using the lab except during class hours when you can be continually supervised. I know that sounds harsh, but in all the years the lab has been open to my kids, I've never had to ban anyone, please don't be the first.


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