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How do I set up the File Properties for an Graphics/AV/Media Project?

Print Properties

The Properties of all of our print projects will be this, unless otherwise specified by the client or the project specifications.

  • Minimum 2550 x 3300 Pixels (8.5x11") for the canvas size. You can change the ratio but don't have any size on one side smaller than 2 inches or larger than 14 inches.
  • 300 dpi/ppi
  • RGB/8 bit
  • Color Profile is "Working RGB"

    NEVER work on an existing photo file. ALWAYS copy and paste the photo to the new file. This will prevent you from doing a week's worth of work on a file format that is too small or too big or set up incorrectly.

    Animation Properties

    Your working properties for an animation will be this, unless otherwise specified by the client or teacher-

  • 720 x 480 pixels
  • 25 FPS

    Naming the File

    All files are named with LastNameFirstInitial_Period_NameOfProject.

  • Sample name....taylora_4_comic.jpg for a student named A. Taylor who is in 4th period and is turning in project "Comic".
  • Everything in the file name will be in lower case.
  • All work will be turn in as a READ ONLY file like a .jpg or .swf or .mov file. No working files like a .psd or .fla will be accepted as a final product for grading.

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