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Breadth Assignment #2, Line and Shape

Alphabet Study

Using the digital camera, the student will look for shapes in the man-made or natural environment that also suggests letters of the alphabet. By using letters as a theme, the student will be forced to examine Line and Shape.

The student will have all of the letters of the alphabet in the final work but the letters can be any order. The letters and the shape must have some visual or cultural connection that makes immediate sense to the viewer.

The work can be in black and white, limited color or full color. Make sure you have a focal point and that the shapes of the letters don't lead your eye off the page. All of the letters don't have to be the same size nor do they have to be arranged in a horizontal row.

More to look at here....

This was done from screen shots from Google Earth

Alphabets don't have to be traditional and they don't have to be on traditional surfaces. They can rendered on the sides of cars or buildings.

....or people.



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