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Assignment #18,
Breaking the Ice

Using nothing but type, create an artwork that uses the shapes of letters as the only compostitional element. You will be using Line, Shape, and Unity/ Variety in this assignment. Here is the criteria:

  • The focal point will be initial from your full name.
  • You are limited to three colors and three values.
  • You must have at least one element take up 20% of the page, middle size elements and small elements.
  • Two colors must be analagous and one must be the complementary of the two
  • Your background can be black, white, or grey.
  • You may use textures, splatters, lines and rules, dots and geometric shapes
  • You may NOT use drop Photoshop glows, embosses or other type enhancements.

    Here are some pointers for making a better artwork in this assignment (or any assignment!)

  • Keep your focal point off center. Remember your rule of thirds and the Golden Mean.
  • Overlap your elements to create depth and interest.
  • Don't think of your type as letters. Think of them as shapes. Look at them with a fresh eye, as if you were looking at letters from a Hindu or Sanskrit. Look at the descenders and ascenders and how they can be extended to lead your eye around the composition.
  • Don't be afraid to mix up sizes of type in one word and to use your free transform tool to turn, change, stretch or flip the letters. Rasterize the letters if you have to.
  • Put each letter or word on it's own layer so that you can move them independently.


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