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Breadth Assignment #1, Line and Rhythm

Nature study

Using the digital camera, the student will take a variety (close ups, details, full body) of shots of one natural subject (tree, animal, fruit, flower or vegetable). Make sure you have an off center focal point.

One idea would be to choose three or five of the best views, and by combining extreme closeups and layering create a still life emphasizing line and rhythm.

Another would be to use black and white or duotone. Use a full range of values, from the white to black.

Still another idea would be to emphasize color and texture.


Although this sample has a good range of values and could easily be turned into black and white with Photoshop. Even though a radial design does not have an off center focal point the strong patterns in this design keep your eye on the page. Occasionally the "off center/rules of thirds" rule can be broken and this is one of those times.


Where do you think the focal point of this one is? Plant studies have existed in art since the beginning of time. Drawings of plants in their various states arranged on a page can create a very nice artwork that is both informative and beautiful.

An excellent photographer to look up is Karl Blossfeldt, who took photos as exercises and inspiration for industrial design and ended up with art.


Here are good examples of line using simple blades of grass. If you can't find a full pattern like this in nature, then crop and clone until you have the image area completely filled with your plant. Look for overlapping leaves to create depth, interesting textures and good contrast.


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