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         September 2 to September 13 -->

         Aug. 26          First Day of School
  • What is AP2D?
  • Mrs. Taylor's background.
  • How AP2D fits in with the CTE Texas Achieve Framework.
  • How AP2D portfolio is graded and what the test is like.
  • Mrs. Taylor has taught AP2D for 6 years. She has helped about 130 students submit AP portfolios and 96.5% of them have earned a 3 or above. The average score is 3.5.
  • The AP Grading Process, (General overview of the process)
  • AP2D is an AP Class. What does that mean for student and course expectations.
  • Course information on the Web
  • Discipline management
  • Discipline in the computer classroom follows KISD and HHHS policies. KISD computer acceptable use policies are detailed on the KISD website in the Student Code of Conduct book. Student who use the computers in ways that go against acceptable use policies could have their computer priviliages revoked school-wide. This would seriously impact their other classes and make it impossible to finish out the computer class, which could delay their graduation.

    Assign "100 Pix" due Friday, Aug. 27

             Aug. 27         

    The Three Parts of the AP 2D Portfolio, Breadth, Concentration and Quality.

    How Portfolios are graded, at this school and at the College Board.

    This class's grading policy
    This class's tutoring and lab policy
    The AP Grading Process (how grades are determined by the rubric)
    Grading Policy and Late Work
    Required Sketchbook Breadth Grading Rubric
    Concentration Grading Rubric
    Quality Grading Rubric
    Academic dishonesty, cheating, ethics

             Aug. 28         

    Lecture- The Basics of Composition. How composition works. Leading your eye around the page using line, shape, color, value.

    Opening and setting up a Photoshop file.

    Photoshop Review, brushes, color, lines, shape, type, palettes, opacity.

    Assignment #18, Unity/Variety, Shape, and Color- Breaking the Ice

             Aug. 29         

    Lecture- Composition. Leading your eye around the page, using depth, texture, pattern.

    Photoshop Review, importing pictures, files sizes, pixels, saving, selections, compositing, layer management, copy/paste/cut, keyboard shortcuts

    More time on BTI artwork.

             Aug. 30         

    Graded Assignment- "100 Pix"- Bring to class 100 photos to start your photo library with. The pics can be of anything. I encourage you to take pictures of texutres (grass, rust, sky), interesting people, places and things, pictures in series (like a several pics of someone doing a skateboard trick), reflections, macrophotography (extreme close ups) and pictures of collections of junk. Don't overthink the pictues and try to set them up and pose them. Go for quantity and spontinatity. Do not include more than 5 pictures of your friends posing like gangsters, no kissy face pictures, no pictures of you holding the camera outstretched.

    Look over Next Week's Artwork Assignment (Due September 3) and plan what you want to do so that you come to school on Monday with three rough thumbnails and any supporting pics or artwork. You must be ready to work on Monday. This artwork will count as a test grade.

    Due on September 3 for a test grade, you will create a work of art that emphsizes the Principle of Line. You have your choice of assignments and can do either
    Assignment #1, Line and Rhythm
    Assignment #2, Line and Shape
    Assignment #3, Line and Shape

    Lecture- What is Line and how is it used in composition? The LIne of Beauty

             Sep. 2         

    Holiday, no school. Labor Day.

             Sep. 3         

    Review on setting up a Photoshop File, importing pictures, layer management, merging layers, vector shapes, rasterizing, vector graphics vs bitmap.

    In-class work time.

             Sep. 4          In-class work time.
             Sep. 5          In-class work time.
    Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho
             Sep. 6         

    Sketchbook Assignments 1, 2, and 11 are due.

    Line Assignment due. Label this assignment B1 and turn all three files in to the commons drop box by 4pm.

    How do I turn in a finished project for grading?

    Look over the next assignment, due September 10th. Plan the assignment over the weekend and come to school on Monday with three thumbnail sketches and any supporting pics and artwork. Be ready to work on Monday.

    Lecture- What is shape and how is it used in composition?


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