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Dear AnimationTaco.com Visitors,

You're probably wondering what's going on with AnimationTaco.com.
Where has it gone?

The answer is - we're growing and improving and the focus is moving from my classroom to yours. AnimationTaco.com will soon house a complete media course for independent learners, home school learners, private schools small schools with small media departments. It will be a one-stop location for teachers and students who want to learn a variety of digital design and media skills and are looking for a complete curriculum to guide them.

To this end, AnimationTaco.com has been temporarily taken down and is being rewritten. When it returns you'll see an exciting new site created just for media teachers and students who want to learn animation and graphics design in a logical, creative, and professional format.

Each class will be a complete 180-hour course of instruction and will walk you through an entire school year. Our goal is to help you learn exciting media courses such as animation or digital graphics at school or home. I want to guide you as you create a portfolio of great, top-quality work that can be submitted to employers and universities and to prepare you to pass professional certfications such as the Adobe ACA certification exam.

Each class is a full course of instruction written and edited by professional, experienced media teachers who have field-tested their approaches, lectures and lessons with ordinary students in real classrooms. The old AnimationTaco.com was simply an outline and notes I used for my classroom instruction. The new AnimationTaco.com is much more complete and does not assume that a trained media instructor is sitting next to the student.

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For teachers and students who have been using the AnimationTaco.com site over the years, thank you for your encouragement and support. For those who are new to AnimationTaco.co-, welcome! I'm looking forward to working with you. I think animation, computer graphics and media are fascinating and fun and I hope by the end of these courses you'll think so, too.

Watch this space!

Alice Taylor

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